Who Am I?


A little bit about me. I’m getting very, very close to hitting my half century, married with two teenagers or actually they’re moving in to the young adult phase of their lives. We have a Red Cloud Kelpie (like Red Dog) name Sasha and she is a big   part of our family.

About ten years ago I started papercraft, specifically card making which then a natural progression in to scrapbooking. I was a stay at home mum and was looking for social interaction with other adults as well as creating a hobby so the stars aligned with meeting a wonderful group of ladies who all were in the same situation. This just plodded along for a number of years and as our children got older most of us needed to go back to ‘paid’ work so unfortunately it became more and more difficult to keep up our craft. I tried to my craft ticking away but between working, housekeeping and most of all finding time to spend with my family, something had to give.

Fast forward six years or so and a casual conversation with one of my colleagues, who now is a very good friend, introduced me to the concept of Project Life as a memory keeping tool. The more I thought about it and further conversations with my dear friend I wondered if this was the way for me to catch up on the last seven years of memory keeping. A trip to Spotlight to look at the concept and materials available I was hooked.

Being a self confessed hoarder I still had quite a large selection of papercraft tools and materials. I did heaps of research, I mean hours and hours of watching youtube clips, reading blogs to catch up on the latest techniques and styles. I continued questioning my ‘enabler’ about what to buy, where to buy it as well as many questions about the process.

So now to this day, I am a weekly Project Lifer. I’ve recently Project Lifed our last few years of holidays as well as catching up on traditional scrapbook layouts. Luckily, I had still continued to take heaps of photos either with my Iphones or DSLR camera. So heaps of material to work with.

I continue to refine my craft by following some amazing blogs and websites. The most influential person for me is Ali Edwards. The first main project I followed was Ali’s December Daily which really opened me up to becoming more creative with my memory keeping and documenting. It allowed me to think outside the box with my creative style but also the importance of documenting the story, our every day life because every day matters.

The next progression was to join in Ali’s One Little Word. Apart from the obvious creative and memory keeping requirements of OLW, it was more about ME! It was time for me to work on my personal development and this was the perfect vehicle to do this. I could write all day, every day about my girl crush on Ali.

This pretty well brings me to where I am today with my craft. There are a few other projects I’m doing but that can wait for further blog posts.

Thank you for taking the time to read my story thus far and look forward to seeing you back again soon.